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How to deal with a question that contains a false premise? How do I make a frame challenge?

Somebody posted a question that makes an assumption I disagree with or think might be wrong. How do I best inform the asker of this? Do I post a comment or an answer, or should I vote to close the ...
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Frame-challenge – guidelines proposal [duplicate]

Update: The FAQ is now live. Please do not make changes or discuss them here anymore. This is a follow up to the idea collection, please see that post as to what this is about. First of all, thanks ...
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Frame-challenge guidelines – idea collection [duplicate]

Update: The FAQ is now live. Please do not make changes or discuss them here anymore. A frame challenge is an answer, comment (or part thereof) that doesn’t attempt to answer the question as is, but ...
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Should I answer a question that is likely to be closed?

We get many questions on Academia SE which are closed because they depend too much on the individual who is asking and thus cannot be sufficiently generalised to be helpful to a wider audience. ...
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Why do faculty in the sciences seem dismissive of the humanities on this site?

Why do so many of the CS and STEM members on here treat humanities and social science disciplines as if they were useless? Where does this overt prejudice come from? And why does Academia seem to give ...
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Questions that are non-anonymous rants/accusations against specific individuals [duplicate]

I'm a bit concerned about a recent post (now deleted, link for 10 k users only) which was a pretty aggressive accusation with both the specific supervisor and accuser clearly identified. I think most ...
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Someone is down-voting my old low-scored questions in Academia

This question may not be well fitted here. But I am wondering why someone is perhaps intentionally down-voting my old low-scored questions asked here? I wouldn't surprise if the down-votes appears at ...
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Is this kind of retaliatory behavior allowed? Is allowing it, in effect, discouraging questions?

In this question, How to withdraw an under review manuscript from a journal when you decide you want to submit to another journal with a higher impact factor?, the asker is told pretty clearly—in ...
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How does someone ask a good question on StackExchange Academia?

I like asking questions on random sites to figure things out and pick other people's brains, but I'm new to this site so I'm trying to figure it out so I don't get my questions shut down all the time.
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Appropriateness of promoting political content via the community promotion ads

One of our community promotion ads redirects to a website listing people who have strong opinions against a publisher. This ad pops up frequently on the homepage, alternating with useful, fun and ...
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Is it allowed to ask a question about specific university and department on stackexchange?

Dear members and moderators, are you allowing questions in this forum about specific PhD programs and scholarship offers? Is it appropriate and ethical to raise a question about some specific ...
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Properly Re-Asking My On-Hold Question

I'm new to AE, so I am still learning the ropes of asking questions and the proper format of it. So far, I find the guidelines helpful, not only for getting better answers but for improving my own ...
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Answering etiquette

I have some etiquette questions. Suppose you read a question that interests you, and you think you could write a helpful answer. Is it your responsibility to read the answers that have been posted ...
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Is it a bad etiquette on our site to simply welcome new users in the comments?

In other Stack Exchange sites (mostly on TeX website), I have seen that the users with longer period of membership welcome newer users. I really like this action as this warms the new users' heart and ...
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What is the etiquette on edits to other people's posts for subjective style changes?

Academia.SE users (myself included) have been known to make edits to other users' posts that are merely a matter of style. For example, edits that: Add semi-colons to the end of list items. For ...
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What is the site policy for aspersions cast on the credentials of other users?

In a recent dustup with a user, I received the comment And clearly you're not a PhD, otherwise you'd know that my last remark was not an ad hominem. I find this remark somewhat distressing. Some ...
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19 votes
3 answers

Judgments and etiquette

I'd like to draw your attention to this question: Is it bad for one's future career prospects if the PhD thesis topic is broad? My concern is that we're rather quick at jumping to serious ...
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Would I be allowed to link to my own published papers, if relevant to the question?

If strictly to do with the topic, could I give a link to one of my own published papers as an example?
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Voting down and/or closing questions when being nice

Following on from Being nice when closing questions and Being nice when down voting . While being nice is essential, so is: voting down bad questions; voting to close questions that don't belong ...
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What is the etiquette of providing more than one answer to the same question?

I am thinking specifically of this question, where my answer would be wholly different based on the type of virtual teaching environment. I would like to provide separate answers for each environment ...
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