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Site graduated! New design launched

As you can see the new design just went live. Which means this site has been officially launched! Congratulations! Thank you for your valuable design feedback. If you're still seeing the old favicons,...
35 votes
0 answers

Academia — Top User Swag!

I come bringing good news! If your name is on the first two pages of:'ll be getting an e-mail from me soon to send you a ...
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Please flag spam as spam; it doesn't matter if it is AI-generated as well

A long-running spam trend is to embed a malicious or merely promotional link inside some block of text, either written by low-wage workers in a spam farm or by stringing semi-random text along ...
24 votes
0 answers

Text shade is too light

I don't know if I share this experience with other members of the Academia.SE community, but for me text shade is way too light. For me, it makes it harder to read (and focus on content) plus, after ...
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0 answers

Launched? Launched!

I started up this SE just because it crossed my mind that it might be useful and with little hope to see it succeed. Apparently, it's now fully decorated and with a great and established community. I ...
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Upcoming graduation

Here's a short update on my earlier comment on Meta regarding the future of the site, including our graduation… The SE team decided, a few months ago, that Academia Stack Exchange is ready for ...
14 votes
0 answers

Highly-voted comments have less contrast than low vote ones

The current CSS rules for the main site have highly-voted comments appearing in grey, while low-vote comments are displaying in bright red: Not sure what the standard is, but I'm pretty sure that'...
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0 answers

Third "excellent" on Area 51 - congratulations to all - nearly ready for graduation

Over on Area 51, this site has just achieved its third "Excellent" category, having just passed 150 users with a score of at least 200. We just need to get questions per day up above 5 (currently 3.8,...
14 votes
3 answers

Should we discourage simultaneously answering a question and voting to close?

I've been thinking of writing this for a while. It doesn't happen frequently but, yes, it happens: a user answers a question and also votes to close it. Though not forbidden by the system, I think ...
13 votes
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In support of Academia's moderator on hiatus, Eykanal

I encourage everyone at Academia to take a look at the proposed Day of Silence which some frustrated StackExchange participants will be observing for 24 hours, starting tonight at midnight (Eastern ...
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Should we reopen the "cold temperature on exam performance" question?

A question titled Effect of cold temperatures on exam performance was recently closed. The question is decoupled from the "inciting incident" and simply asks if there is any scholarship on ...
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0 answers

New chat room for the HNQ list

Since we have had the ability to track the hot network question (HNQ) list, we have been doing this in a private moderator room. The idea being that it would help us stay on top of potentially ...
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Please vote for synonym suggestions

As I post this, we have ten outstanding suggestions for tag synonyms, some of them for more than four years. I therefore think it is more than time to urge a decision on these. This is the first part ...
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0 answers

Should we create some community wiki questions on meta to help new "power users"

As users gain reputation new "privileges" become available to them including flagging posts (reputation of 15), editing CWs (reputation of 100), creating tags (reputation of 300), and editing ...
11 votes
0 answers

How are different disciplines represented on this site?

I am pure mathematician, and my impression (which I'm sure is not unique) from frequenting this site for some time is Academia.SE there seem to be a relatively large number of mathematicians on this ...

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