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Questions with this tag may not be resolvable, but the discussions they prompt are important for recording the history and philosophy of the site.

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Should I answer a question that is likely to be closed?

We get many questions on Academia SE which are closed because they depend too much on the individual who is asking and thus cannot be sufficiently generalised to be helpful to a wider audience. ...
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There is a proposal for a paranormal SE [closed]

It would be interesting to learn what is the viewpoint of Academia.SE community on the following situation. There is an Area 51 proposal for Paranormal Phenomenons. Please follow the links from ...
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Why the focus on not offending anyone, as opposed to efficiently resolving questions

I would like to know why there is intense focus on not offending people? Sure, people should not go about intentionally offending people, but someone will be offended by something somewhere, someday, ...
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12 votes
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What are we generally looking for in answers?

I am interested in learning what users of this site look for and appreciate in an answer. On this site, what are the characteristics of a good answer? (Examples of exceptionally good answers, and ...
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35 votes
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What do we want Academia.SE to be?

Edit: This was not intended to be a "Choose #1 or #2 proposal." This was intended to be a prompt for discussion about what the current community wants from this site. #1 and #2 are just things I've ...
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