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How much slang is acceptable in a question or answer?

The answer posted by Thomas Chen for the question below has several slang words and phrases. The OP doesn't have an origin specified in their profile. I want to downvote it because of the slang and ...
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Mass downvoting of a well referenced pertinent answer: Why is an answer that is a complement to others considered so bad?

I spent many hours writing this answer and many days preparing it. Is it fair to desk-reject the above paper based solely on this one sentence? The question primarily asks if it is fair to desk-...
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3 answers

How is this offensive? Do Japanese-Americans not want people to talk about what happened to them during WW2? If that is the case, I want a source.
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How to answer two questions where the same answer is appropriate, but the questions themselves aren't duplicates?

Context I recently updated my answer to the question Do all countries have the same gender imbalance in science? with additional information. Basically, my answer contains the following position : ...
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53 votes
5 answers

My answer on “Writing ads to attract female PhD candidates” was deleted; why?

I posted an answer to this question: Writing ads to attract female PhD candidates, which boiled down to "How do I write job ads to attract female PhD candidates". My answer was as follows: Don't ...
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2 answers

a moderator deleted my answer under false pretence: offensive/spam

I have a question about my Academia Stack Exchange post: Is "Assistant Professor Position (Tenure Track) for a female Researcher" illegal in Austria? A moderator kept deleting my answer ...
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35 votes
2 answers

Is this kind of retaliatory behavior allowed? Is allowing it, in effect, discouraging questions?

In this question, How to withdraw an under review manuscript from a journal when you decide you want to submit to another journal with a higher impact factor?, the asker is told pretty clearly—in ...
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8 votes
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Why was my answer deleted?

I posted an answer to this question: What can a student do to respond to faculty/administration decisions based on current political events? MY answer was based on logic and included a link to a ...
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-1 votes
3 answers

Moderator too fast on delete button for new user

On the "unethical restaurant research" question, a new user made a low-quality answer consisting entirely of: No!!!!!! No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Obviously, this is a poor answer ...
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6 answers

Content dispute regarding singling out a moderator in an answer

The content in this meta answer is being disputed. The dispute revolves around an individual being singled out in the answer. The sentence in question, without the individual named is: There is ...
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Why was this answer locked and deleted?

The answer at has 19 upvotes and no downvotes, and yet was locked by Community then deleted. I'm not pushing for the answer to be unlocked and undeleted. ...
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