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On the community comprising users of Academia.SE, its demographics, etc.

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Question hammered closed by community

Today, I noticed two questions being hammered closed by “community;” here is one example: How can I appropriately call my professor?. While both questions might have been candidates for closure for ...
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How do people here feel about chain-reaction downvoting of posts?

Personally I think downvoting should only be done in very exceptional circumstances: I've been on this site for over 2 years and only picked up the critic badge about 1 month ago (meaning I never ...
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How are different disciplines represented on this site?

I am pure mathematician, and my impression (which I'm sure is not unique) from frequenting this site for some time is Academia.SE there seem to be a relatively large number of mathematicians on this ...
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Do the answers and opinions on Academia Stack Exchange reflect the opinion of whole academic community?

I'm wondering what is the similarity percentage of answers and opinions, which are given on Academia Stack Exchange to users, to the opinion of academic community as a bigger entity? In other words, ...
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Community countdown event for March for Science

The March for Science is an event/protest/rally being held on April 22 2017. The main march will occur in Washington DC, but there will likely be marches all over the world. There is an SE chat room ...
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Pedagogy question challenge

A comment thread on a recent question went as follows (saving for posterity): Excellent question. IMHO, we don't have enough questions about pedagogy on this site. This is a great "how can I ensure ...
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Appropriateness of promoting political content via the community promotion ads

One of our community promotion ads redirects to a website listing people who have strong opinions against a publisher. This ad pops up frequently on the homepage, alternating with useful, fun and ...
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Is the seemingly high prevalence of clinical depression cases in A.SE askers normal?

I recently ran a simple Google search for instances of the word 'depression' on this site, and was shocked to see how frequent they were. Does anyone else finds it surprising? Is it just an artifact, ...
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Why there are so many mathematicians on Academia.SE?

This is probably OT, but I'm curious: why there are so many mathematicians here? It seems to me that the overall community is made by people who study/research math. Even undergrads post questions. ...
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Academia community: representation per field?

I wonder if there has been or could be a survey of the different academic fields amongst users on this site? I don't see that the necessary data exist at the moment, but I would be curious to see how ...
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Academia Community Polls

Welcome to the academia.SE Community Poll thread! (shamelessly stolen from TeX.SX) This thread is used for opinion and usage polls around Academia and academia.SE. The poll questions are added as "...
18 votes
7 answers

How do we attract people from all research areas?

I have noticed a lot of computer scientists, physics, and a few more subjects but I think there is a lack of people from a lot of other major fields, for example Biology. How do we attract people to ...
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