A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

about the SE question tagging system. For questions about tag synonyms consider adding {tag-synonyms} as well.
122 questions
used for posts about whether a question is on-topic for the main Academia site or not.
78 questions
About moderation policies on Academia Stack Exchange and actions which are made by means of moderators tools.
45 questions
About asking questions on Academia Stack Exchange.
42 questions
Related to a specific question posted on the main site.
41 questions
About editing and modifying content on Academia or Academia meta.
34 questions
on-topic on this site
33 questions
32 questions
Questions about web and graphic design of Academia Stack Exchange.
About removing content from Academia or Academia meta.
26 questions
Regarding the predefined and custom close reasons shown to users in the "vote to close" interface. (Use [closed-questions] instead if asking about a question that has been closed.)
26 questions
posted to questions.
24 questions
posted under answers and questions.
22 questions
For questions about the removal of comments--could refer to when or why a comment is to be removed.
18 questions
about elections to choose moderators for the site, which happens once each year.
18 questions
Quesions related to policies of Academia Stack Exchange.
17 questions
17 questions
About moving questions between StackExchange sites.
16 questions
16 questions
Questions about how users can promote or advertise Academia Stack Exchange over the internet or in real life.
12 questions
11 questions
11 questions
About changing the existing and assigned tags to the questions.
11 questions
On the community comprising users of Academia.SE, its demographics, etc.
11 questions
Concerning moderators, either in general or a specific moderator.
10 questions
about undergraduate education, most of which are off-topic to Academia Stack Exchange.
10 questions