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How can I improve my question about " 'inclusive' access", textbook self-destruction, and resale prevention?

Not too long ago, I posted the question: Why don't " 'inclusive' access" textbook publishers find a way to prevent resale, without requiring automatic textbook self-destruction after a year?...
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Mass downvoting of a well referenced pertinent answer: Why is an answer that is a complement to others considered so bad?

I spent many hours writing this answer and many days preparing it. Is it fair to desk-reject the above paper based solely on this one sentence? The question primarily asks if it is fair to desk-...
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How to lift an "answer ban" / why banned at all?

I am new to this Stack, though I have been participating in other stacks before. I answered a couple of question but have got constantly bad reactions, which for some reason are not very well liked. ...
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Downvoting without commenting

I had asked a question a few days ago on the main site. However, it was downvoted. I'd edited the answer to fit what the comments wanted me to clarify but it was downvoted yet again. I'd also ...
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Why has this been voted down?

I have a question about my Academia Stack Exchange post: Concern data is too limited for thesis chapter I asked a question yesterday requesting advice from anyone who has experience writing a PhD ...
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How do people here feel about chain-reaction downvoting of posts?

Personally I think downvoting should only be done in very exceptional circumstances: I've been on this site for over 2 years and only picked up the critic badge about 1 month ago (meaning I never ...
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Why was my question closed to death?

See this: How does the admissions process work for Ph.D. programs in the UK, particularly for weak or borderline students? And, compare it with this: How does the admissions process work for Ph.D. ...
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Could we please have a limit on negative voting for a newcomer's question?

Here's a question written by a newcomer with a small starting rep. It currently has a total negative score of -7, and four close votes (including the one I just cast). It was written 13 hours ago ...
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I notice that if I downvote an answer, I lose reputation points - how come?

How come I lose reputation points for downvoting? Is reputation sort of like a "currency" and that it "costs" me reputation points to downvote an answer? I currently upvoted back that answer, since ...
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Notification for edits on questions I downvoted?

I ask this question here, since the downvotes on this answer triggered my question. However, although it is a general issue with the stackexchange site, the issue has already been discussed in ...
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Should down-votes be used to punish bad questioner behavior?

A recent question received a number of rapid down-votes, which I guess was likely due to annoyance of voters because it was the third in a sequence of effectively duplicate postings by the same author ...
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Why would a user downvote an obvious tag synonym?

I recently re-tagged a question with the grades tag. I then looked at the synonyms and there is the grading tag. I can't vote it as a synonym because my rep on either of these is probably 0. But there ...
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Downvotes on answers becuase they come from the tools author?

This question asks about the tools to do a particular task. This answer, is down voted quiet alot. It is by the author of said tool. On other sites in the StackExchange network my experience has ...
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Can I get my reputations back from the suspicious downvote abuse?

I have asked a maybe controversial question, which pisses someone off (I cannot really see why). Apparently, he or she basically downvotes all my questions that I have asked. I think this is against ...
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Voting down and/or closing questions when being nice

Following on from Being nice when closing questions and Being nice when down voting . While being nice is essential, so is: voting down bad questions; voting to close questions that don't belong ...
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