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Frame-challenge – guidelines proposal [duplicate]

Update: The FAQ is now live. Please do not make changes or discuss them here anymore. This is a follow up to the idea collection, please see that post as to what this is about. First of all, thanks ...
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Would like to add "faq" and/or "canonical-question" and/or "canonical-post" tag to these questions

We have a helpful list of standard Q&As, which makes it easier for questioners to find out what they want to know, and write non-duplicate questions. The list also helps with identifying ...
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Should we create questions that ask to cover some educational system of a country comprehensively?

A recent question that, in a sense, relied crucially on some details of the general Dutch educations system, got me thinking: Wouldn't it be nice if this community knew more about the Dutch education ...
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FAQ for authorship standards

This is inspired by: Can PhD students publish papers as sole author without including their supervisor? Authorship standards come up often, and I think there are at least two issues which are ...
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