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Academia varies more than you think it does – The Movie

Introduction One of the actualities of academia that is important to be aware of when using this site is: Academia varies more than you think it does. More explicitly: Academic practices strongly vary ...
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2018 Moderator Election Q&A - Questionnaire

In connection with the moderator elections, we are creating a Q&A thread for the candidates. Questions collected from an earlier thread have been compiled into this one, which shall now serve as ...
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On the over use of "ethics"/"ethical"

I've been struggling recently with the use of "ethics" on this site - I think it's overused to the point of the tag itself being much less useful than it could be (it's currently our 12th most popular ...
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Why was my question put on hold for depending on individual factors?

My question was put on hold for the following reason: This question was closed for strongly depending on individual factors. It is currently not accepting answers. The answer to your question ...
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Why does AC.SE exclude undergraduate students?

It seems SE users that are not particularly involved in AC.SE are often confused that while questions pertaining to undergraduate students, classes and degrees are relevant to academia, we generally ...
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Academia questions from posters below certain age off-topic?

In a question asking How to stop sexual harassment by teacher? there was a lot of down-votes so I asked why. A comment was made that (1) We do not handle high school problems. (2) The post contains ...
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What kind of undergraduate questions are not really generalizable to graduate education? (An "Academia varies more than you think" perspective)

A remarkable point of this community is that it makes people realize that academia varies more than you think it does. One of these variations is the structure of the different education levels. ...
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Completely wrong answers (in my opinion) and wrong advices written with an assertive/threatening/intimidating tone

I am sorry for this contentious question, but I couldn't help but noticing lately that many answers and comments here are, to my perception and understanding and experience in academia, completely ...
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How can we encourage posters to mention their country of study/work?

Academic systems and cultures vary widely between countries, and answers will depend heavily on this context. I have come across many questions, where the country has not been stated – presumably ...
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How to master the art of asking/answering questions?

I have used (stalked?) the StackExchange family of websites, and until recently, couldn't find a need to register: I usually found a similar question to mine, with an answer much better than I could ...
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Closing/migration criteria

There has been much discussion recently over when to to migrate questions away from the site. A while back, I found a question on meta.stackexchange which outlined the criteria one should use to make ...
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Why this question is closed?

Reopen Request for this Question. Its not apparent why this question was closed in the first place.
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Who wrote the Help Center claim that we are a forum, and why?

In the Help Center, there's a sentence that claims we are a forum: To help people answer your question, please recognize that this forum is frequented by academicians from across the globe Who ...
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When the close reason is the answer

This question Can a non-committee-member ask questions while watching a friend's PhD defense? has been closed for depending on individual factors. While there is no question in my mind, and in ...
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Is "What background do I need to do research in specific field X?" on-topic at Academia.SE?

I recently posted this question, which was closed as off-topic for being too specific to my situation. I admit I'm a little bit confused, since it didn't seem particularly more situation-specific than ...
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