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Questions tagged [undergraduate]

Questions that are about undergraduate education, most of which are off-topic to Academia Stack Exchange.

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4 answers

Let’s specify our scope with respect to undergraduates

Proposal Currently the definition of our scope with respect to undergraduate questions is: [do not ask questions about] Undergraduate-specific issues that could not apply to graduate or ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Replace “undergraduate” with a more general out-of-scope close reason

Statistical background The following is extracted from the question close stats (10 k only). In the last three months: the undergraduate close reason¹ was used 18 times (that’s only about 3 % of ...
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3 answers

Pedagogue or Tyrant

How can someone ask a question regarding research in academia without being accused of "shopping"? To my knowledge, academia is a broad category that covers many topics with education. Dedicated to ...
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10 votes
2 answers

Undergrad course exemption with interest in grad school

I believe this question about wanting to have a undergrad humanities course requirement exemption to be off-topic as it is primarily about undergraduate life. Is it reasonable to request an exemption ...
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1 answer

Where can I ask undergraduate questions?

I recently posted a question about undergraduate acceptance of older students. Is it much more difficult to enter an Ivy League much later in life? It is currently on hold because it seems like ...
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8 votes
3 answers

Why does AC.SE exclude undergraduate students?

It seems SE users that are not particularly involved in AC.SE are often confused that while questions pertaining to undergraduate students, classes and degrees are relevant to academia, we generally ...
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11 votes
3 answers

Are questions about conduct in university-level coursework on topic?

Whenever we get a question asked by a student about exams, studying, cheating, disputing grades, or other aspects of university-level coursework, I see flags and comments along the lines of: The ...
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Question about BSc in preparation for research career closed as "undergrad" question?

This question asks about qualities to consider in an undergrad degree, in order to get into AI research in the future: What factors are important in an online BSc for eventual goal of AI research? ...
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1 answer

Should a undergrad-level question be down-voted?

e.g. Harvard Multiple authors- Alphabetical or not? I was surprised to see it down-voted. The question may appear stupid to the majority of users here, but I can understand it being a legitimate ...
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Undergraduate questions

I think we have discussed undergraduate questions a couple of times on meta, but I cannot find anything that looks relevant. I think we are closing questions by undergraduate too quickly. The ...
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