Academia inspires a whole range of emotions in people. We get a lot of questions here of the form "How to deal with feeling X?", or "Is it common for people in my situation to feel X?", where X is:

I think we need a tag to cover questions specifically about "dealing with the things I am feeling."

The scope of the tag would be something like:

On emotional issues such as guilt, discouragement, jealousy, or feelings of inadequacy affecting academics and researchers.

It's similar to tags like , , and in that scope.

But, I have no idea what such a tag should be called.

I think implies abnormal emotions, which is definitely not something I want this tag name to convey.

And I don't like just , because then it's likely to also be used for questions about research/study related to emotions. (I know this because that's what happened to before I split it into and , and there were similar issues with until I created .) This would make it a bad dual-purpose tag.

Any ideas?

Note: The tag should exclude questions on dealing with other people who have these emotions (or, who the OP thinks have these emotions) - these are better categorized as


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The best possible alternative I can think of is .


If one were inclined to poetry, I would suggest or , but I suspect those wouldn't be considered appropriate.

More seriously, perhaps , implying that these are difficulties, but normal ones that can be overcome.

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