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Should we focus on having more objective answers?

This critical answer on Academia.SE from Meta.mathoverflow deserves some attention, in my view: The problem with academia.SE is that it is very different in style from MO and other SE sites. The ...
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How to proceed with the lingerie–elevator question?

The question What was offensive about the "ladies lingerie department" joke, and how can I avoid offending people in a similar way? has caused a lot of controversy in comments and answers, ...
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Why advice to change adviser is rarely or simply not advised to be used in academia?

In this forum, and in this question I noticed, in general, that changing advisors are regarded as something that is bad and very difficult to achieve? Why members with high reputation on this forum, ...
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My advisor is using and reading academia.stackexchange, how safely I can ask questions?

Few days ago my advisor shared on social media this platform, and also recommended for everyone at my uni to use it as a source of information and how something should be done in academia. I am ...
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How broad is too broad?

I am going to do research in Japan for 4 months, as such I want to ask questions about Japanese academia. How broad can I make my question? For example: What do I need to know before travelling to ...
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Unfair and emotional moderator decisions

My question is about how the moderators decide on the questions and comments. Every person has the right to express his opinion. In case of the questions posted on this site, the opinions can be ...
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Questions on fairness: opinionated/subjective or not?

This question here is practically asking whether or not a particular scheme used at his/her school is fair/ethical. Specifically the heart of the question says (emphasis mine): Do you think this ...
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On-topic, within scope but subjective question that is likely to generate discussion (likely insightful)

I was checking out the recent questions and came across this one, which is essentially an opinion poll regarding the role/attitude teachers should have in class. As I wrote on my comment, I do like ...
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