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How to prevent censorship in a StackExchange forum?

I have made a question very clearr (and interesting) as the answer and comments show (Why publishing in a journal instead of arxiv or in my blog?), but 4 users flaged this as unclear. I feel that this ...
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Should an individual user's request for gender-neutral language be honored?

A recent Meta question noted: One of the community members has approached the moderators with a concern about gendered pronoun usage amongst our Academia members. Specifically, this individual felt ...
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When should we name and link specific private entities in our answers?

I wrote an answer to this question concerning how to verify whether someone went to the college/university that their resume says they went to: Fraudulent credentials The correct answer (in part) is ...
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Why do people on academia.SE often suggest courses of action that are very different from what most people would do in real life?

When browsing this site, I see a lot of questions like Should I let a senior student/professor/etc be a coauthor on my paper when he didn't do any work/made only negative contributions to the ...
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Unfair and emotional moderator decisions

My question is about how the moderators decide on the questions and comments. Every person has the right to express his opinion. In case of the questions posted on this site, the opinions can be ...
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Revealing details about other people

In my answer to "How to write a white paper for a non-academic". I mentioned that I know a true story, an example of such a situation with a "happy end". Now, it was requested that I relieve more ...
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