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Why was this question mod hammered 7+ years after the fact?

This question was unilaterally deleted by a mod 7 years after it was asked. It was brought up over at MO meta as an example of a moderator (in this case me) not allowing a user to delete content. That ...
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2 answers

Why was this offensive?

Why would I ever create a new exam when I can just re-use an old exam and then accuse any student of obtaining a copy as cheating? was deleted as rude or abusive. Why?
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Why was the erection question summarily deleted?

The "Controlling an erection while teaching" question was summarily deleted by a moderator. I understand that this question is controversial and that a lot of people have a juvenile response to it, ...
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Asked question with wrong account, deleted, and now can't repost

I posted a question with the wrong account by mistake (because of an SE bug, actually, but that's another matter) and immediately deleted it. Now I want to post it as a guest but I can't, since it ...
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