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Canonical "Can I publish without supervisor" question?

On a recent question (What kind of publications can I submit on my own without the need of supervisors approval?), xLeitx commented that It's starting to feel like we need a CW question "How can ...
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Two very similar are asked. Which one shall be closed?

The first question was asked, with all possible tags, but received no long answers. A few months later, the second question was asked without address the first one. However, the second one received ...
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Does intention of a question matters while closing it?

Recently I asked a question on our main site: Proper salutation in email for requesting a resource. Today, it has been closed as a duplicate to another question: How should I phrase an important ...
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Are any of these questions about working hours duplicates?

Can I be a good scientist if I only work in working hours? Stay in academia or become professor without overworking, is it possible? How hard do early-career academics in the United States work, ...
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17 votes
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Is "US" the default location here?

Edit: In the question I linked to, the dublicate was accepted by the OP. However, there are other questions like this one How do academics (faculty members, PhD students, etc.) balance their work and ...
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Is there a canonical answer about selecting a journal for publication? (If not, should we have one?)

Every so often we get a shopping question (e.g. this one) about finding a suitable journal to publish some specific paper in. It's a good thing to close these as off-topic. However, can we also point ...
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Conflict of interest questions

There seems to be an increase in questions along the lines of "Is this a conflict of interest?" where the answer is "No." Is there, or should their be, a way to close these as ...
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1 answer

Canonical question about adding unrequested changes during revision

This very recent question: Is it acceptable to add a result to a paper when a journal asks for revisions? prompted a short discussion in the comments about it being a duplicate. As I wrote the (...
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2 answers

How to answer two questions where the same answer is appropriate, but the questions themselves aren't duplicates?

Context I recently updated my answer to the question Do all countries have the same gender imbalance in science? with additional information. Basically, my answer contains the following position : ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Why do we redirect all "what is happening to my paper" questions?

We commonly redirect questions such as "Manuscript status changed from Review in progress to Ready for review" to "What does the typical workflow of a journal look like". However they are not similar ...
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2 answers

Shouldn't there be a way to prevent false duplicate flags?

A few people flagged the last couple of questions I asked as duplicates of other questions, while they clearly weren't duplicates and the people flagging it had apparently misunderstood/missed the ...
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Should the question looking for ArXiv alternatives for math and physics be reopened?

What are pre-print repositories for math and physics alternative to ArXiv? As the question is focus on math and physics solely, it isn't a dupe of the other question. Should it be reopened?
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15 votes
1 answer

What potential duplicate targets should I know about as a reviewer?

We have a few canonical questions on this site, i.e., questions that are often used as a target of duplicate closure or were even specifically designed for this purpose. What are they? Are there any ...
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Double degree: why was this question closed as duplicate?

I think that the closure of the question Double PhD: is it really worth it? as duplicate of Is doing two PhD's a good path? is based on a wrong assumption. A double PhD degree is a single PhD ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Unjustified trend of labelling too many questions as "duplicates"

I'll keep this very short: I believe there is a tendency here to label every similarity between questions as "duplication". This seems to harm the intention of this site and is overall unjustified. ...
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Asked question with wrong account, deleted, and now can't repost

I posted a question with the wrong account by mistake (because of an SE bug, actually, but that's another matter) and immediately deleted it. Now I want to post it as a guest but I can't, since it ...
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How do I seek advice for the following question?

My question was closed as a duplicate and I was told that it's too personalized to be a helpful question to the community. Where can I find an answer to my question? Does it not belong on SE at all? ...
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A question which closely related to a lot of other questions that is not closed as dupe?

For example: How to select a graduate school IMO, this question is fully answered by the linked questions in the comments. However, it doesn't well answered. However (again), I'm interested in the ...
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2 answers

Write a new question or start a bounty?

I was drafting a question entitled, "How to make a group or department women-friendly?" when I noticed that the wonderful "Questions that may already have your answer" feature was pointing me ...
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2 answers

Is it appropriate to suggest edits to duplicate questions?

This question Can I reference the abstract? is a duplicate but I found it by searching and the title confused me. It's actually about "Can I reference other things in my abstract?". I wanted to ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Question just like this one was marked duplicate, but I disagree; what action to take?

Suppose we have the following three questions: Question 1: Can I include the completion of Udacity and Coursera classes I have attended in an academic CV? Question 2: Is an X-Series Certificate from ...
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Is the graduate application of a "smart but lazy" person a "duplicate" of someone who has redeemed themself?

Right now, we have a seemingly "catch all" question of this sort. It reads in part, "My transcripts suck. There's no way to dress it up." A number of other questions have been linked to this as a ...
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4 answers

How to find duplicate of a question?

One or two questions of mine are correctly marked as duplicate in the community. How can I find the duplicate of my question before I post the question in the site? Because it is not easy to ...
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3 answers

Should duplicate questions be doubly linked?

Currently questions closed as duplicate are what I will refer to as singly linked. A link appears on top of the closed duplicate question pointing to the original question. Nothing is added to the ...
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