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Should the answer that appears on "top" be the OP's "accepted answer" or the answer with most votes?

UPDATE: Having gotten mixed feedback on this change across the network, SE has decided as a default to keep the "old way", but sites can have a discussion like this one to request the "...
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4 votes
1 answer

What is a non-patronizing way of suggesting that an OP accept one of the answers?

I have from time to time been politely reminded on various SE sites to accept one of the answers I've received to a question I've written. I ventured to do the same yesterday, on Academia SE, asking ...
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1 answer

What to do with old posts with with unaccepted answers?

I've seen many posts where answers are provided yet none are accepted. These include questions where the given answers are straightforward and clearly correct. For instance, in this post, two ...
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How to select an answer to a question that I recently asked?

In my most recent question regarding whether to abandon an open math problem, I got (surprisingly) much more dialogue than I anticipated. I had expected very quick answers that all say something like,...
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2 votes
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Have asked a question, two or more answers make interesting points. Which to choose?

I have recently asked this question Knowing that most students submit assignments right around the deadline, is it advisable not to set deadline that is very late at night? on Academia. It has ...
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What is the best way to tell a new user that they can accept an answer if they think it answers their question?

I have noted that a new user has asked a number of questions (about 12-13) over the last week. Some of them have had (in my own opinion) some very insightful and acceptable answers. In all cases the ...
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8 votes
3 answers

Accepting answers from soft-questions

What all we know, we (i.e. academia.SE) are hacking the system for objective verifiable Q&A for the purpose of advise questions. (And, IMHO, we have hacked it successfully). However, I have some ...
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