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Why were people upvoting spam

Earlier today there was a massive spam attack. One very disturbing thing that I noticed was people upvoting spam. This isn't actually only happening here, I've seen it a bit on other sites too. So, ...
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How to select an answer to a question that I recently asked?

In my most recent question regarding whether to abandon an open math problem, I got (surprisingly) much more dialogue than I anticipated. I had expected very quick answers that all say something like,...
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Is unethical vote accumulation possible?

Suppose three users A,B, and C, enter Academia.SE in collaboration with moderate knowledge. Each one would vote the post of the other. That is, each would be able to get at least two votes for each of ...
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Interesting question that does not fit Academia.SE - upvote it or not?

Sometimes, I come along a question here on Academia that I find interesting, or that I can strongly relate with. When this happens I tend to upvote it: I think of my upvote as saying "I consider this ...
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