Beall's List was an influential list of predatory journals, but it doesn't exist any more (and hasn't since mid January 2017).

You might already know that, but did you know that there are over 60 posts that link to "scholarlyoa.com" (the place where the list was hosted), a URL that now redirects to another site showing Japanese job listings?! These links all need to either be edited to update the links to archive.org links or to remove the references to Beall's List entirely (after all, it is dead).

Unfortunately, my reputation is too low for me to conveniently fix all of these posts, since each of my edits would need to be reviewed by two other users. Thus I'm asking anyone who's linked to this site to fix their posts and anyone with full editing privileges to help fix the rest. And I'm not quite sure what we should do with comments (which at this point can only be fixed by moderators or deleted).

For reference, here are some searches:

(Due to the way archive.org URLs work, these searches may turn up posts that only link there and not to scholarlyoa.com.)


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The url posted by @eykanal


includes the original Beall's list, and at the bottom of the page new additions. It is a reasonable replacement.

(Among the names of these publishers, my favorite is the "WIT Press" one, that bets on confusing it with the "MIT Press" of course since a "W" is just a "M" upside down, right?)

Some urls discussing the whole issue from various points,




There exists also Cabbel's blacklist which is not free but for a fee,


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    I don't like links to a random blog which doesn't even warn about the actual owner, copyright owner and maintenance status until you click contact (beallslist.weebly.com/contact.html ). If you want to link an archived copy, use the wayback machine which is just for that.
    – Nemo
    Sep 3, 2018 at 7:08

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