Subject line says it all -- I do not recall seeing any questions here about K-12 education here, but I also do not know if there is a better Stack Exchange site for that purpose.


No. Per the help center, only university-level education is within the scope of this site.

This site is for academics of all levels—from aspiring graduate and professional students to senior researchers—as well as anyone in or interested in research-related or research-adjacent fields.

If you have a question about...

  • Life as a graduate student, postdoctoral researcher, university professor
  • Transitioning from undergraduate to graduate researcher
  • Inner workings of research departments
  • Requirements and expectations of academicians
  • University-level pedagogy

... then you're in the right place!

There is a proposal on Area 51 that may be of interest to you: Primary and Secondary Education


Depending on the specific nature of your question(s), you may be looking for the Math Educators or CS Educators sites.

As those site names imply, though, they are about specific subjects, not all of K-12 education, and they tend to be more focused on the problems facing educators as people than issues relating to the field of education broadly.

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