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Are we supposed to be closing questions that may be thinly-veiled self-promotions?
17 votes

As someone who started in CV. I can vouch for this questioner as he has been nothing but a wonderful participant at CV. He always provides very apt and helpful answers. Though, I think the question ...

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Is it a bad etiquette on our site to simply welcome new users in the comments?
10 votes

I usually welcome the OP if I have something to say in the comment. But I guess it's to everyone's taste. If this is to become a trend then the only annoyance would be skipping one more line of ...

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Are questions on the theory of academic research on-topic?
5 votes

It's an interesting question and I have no problem with where it should be posted. My approach is always if there is a question, then let's try to answer. (And I walk the walk; I just told a user how ...

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