Please teach me your languages, English, Japanese...
English and Japanese are not my native languages, so I need your help.
My friends, my parents, my sisters, they all tell me that I am just too slim, so I want to learn how to swim, I want to be healthier and stronger.
I like Japanese anime and music.
I am playing sailormoon in Gameboy, and sometimes enjoy watching people playing the King of Fighters XIII on Youtube.
Please don't be mistaken, I am not any Tomboy. A few days ago when I was chatting with the user, Man_from_India, I told him that My grandpa is Chinese, and Grandma is Thai, my mother is Australian, and Auntie Mizuki is Japanese. I am so confused of what my native language is, because I don't know how to speak Thai or Japanese or Chinese. I can read some simple Chinese characters though. Thanks to Man_From_India, you should know something about me now. Hehehehe... Thank you for your reading. XD You can call me Kitty!


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