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Are we migrating away too many questions?
35 votes

If the question is on-topic, and the OP chose to post here, I believe we should keep the question here, even if it is a better fit somewhere else. The one exception I can see is if the OP requests ...

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Are questions on the theory of academic research on-topic?
14 votes

I believe the linked question (and other similar questions) is on-topic and if it is not, then it should be. I do not see why we would consider "How to improve oneself as a teacher" or pedagogical / ...

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Is right to hold a question being abused by viewer?
4 votes

I only see one of your questions put on hold and that appears to have supporters who want it re-opened. While I did not vote to close it I am not sure I can vote to re-open because of the structure of ...

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Health of the site
3 votes

I notice that there are some members - especially those with very high 'scores' - who have 50x as many answers as questions. Perhaps those members, who clearly know a lot, could be encouraged to ask ...

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The modafinil question
1 votes

I am also concerned about that question. However, I think it is still valid. The cost of using performance enhancing drugs in academia is not the same as in the medical field. For example, an academic ...

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How do we attract people from all research areas?
1 votes

I do see a lot of people from math and computer science but perhaps that is just the people who are posting. Are there others who come but do not post? It would help if we could track users by their ...

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