If you are sure, flag as abusive (it’s abusing our site) and move on. Do not downvote. Do not engage. Six abusive flags will automatically delete the post and impose some bans on the poster. These flags will also alert the moderators (having highest priority). Under most circumstances this is the fastest way to get rid of the post. If you only suspect, flag ...


does it happen with some regularity? Yes, I saw it before. Copy and paste the answer from somewhere, leave a comment asking for bounty and then delete the account. Actually, this is how I caught it. The moment I saw it, I knew it's coming again. So, I took the first few lines of the answer and Google it and then found where it came from. I then flagged it. ...


This is the first time I’ve seen such behavior as a moderator. However, we try to stay on top of getting rid of trolls as soon as they crop up. So please flag any such behavior and we’ll take care of it.


According to this question on the main Meta you cannot actually award bounties to deleted answers, even though the +100 button looks active.


For what it's worth, I don't find the OP's site behavior to be problematic. Fundamentally the OP did invite critique by posting the question in the first place. (This also serves as a passing comment on another meta question, which I believe is calling me to task for being overly critical of the OP's behavior, including use of the word "obnoxious." But ...


Please adhere to the following with these posts: Flag as rude/abusive (it’s abusive of our community). Six such flags suffice to kill the post. Using custom flags or NAA/VLQ flags just slows things down. If nobody has done so before you, leave a comment linking to whatever was copied. (This way, it only has to be searched once.) Do not do anything else.


I have not followed the question in question very much, but I think a more general answer is more useful and desired anyway. I answer under the assumption that your assertions on the situation are true, but this is not to be taken as an assessment of that specific situation. There are several mostly separate issues here: OP has been increasingly ...

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