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Yes, your option 1 seems the most appropriate. Here, questions about co-authors are essentially questions about authorship, and I can hardly see a description of co-authors sufficiently different from that of authorship: I would thus consider 2 not a good option. Moreover, the description of authorship already explicitly mentions problems of co-authorship: ...


Looking at the twelve questions tagged courses, I don't see the usage of this tag as necessary (the key points are already covered by other tags, and the tag courses seems redundant in those questions). I think we can safely remove tag courses from those few questions, without the need of creating an (imperfect) synonym, and then let the system clean up the ...


No. Looks like no action has been taken on this in 9 years, so I'll formalize it with an answer. We already have tags for graduation, defense, and workshop, so it's hard to see what value a catch-all tag like this would add.


In most of my teaching the term coursework refers to what would be called "homework" at grade school. It is a specific assignment created by the teacher that when completed contributes to the assignment of grades based on the judged quality and content. The grade is usually the result of the course. There may be several items of coursework within a ...


While I do see the problem here, I think that having two separate tags does not really solve it while creating more problems: By the nature of our site, we almost exclusively focus on the social aspect anyway. For the questions we get, it mostly does not matter whether something is a disability or a health issue (wherever one draws the line between the two)....


To have some data to help deciding, I went through a bunch of questions in the current that heath-issues. I excluded only closed questions. I categorised the questions along three axes: Mental (depression, ADHD, etc.) vs. physical (broken leg, cancer, blindness, etc.): 28 questions were about mental issues. 6 questions were about physical issues. 4 ...


Since Azor Ahai -- he him suggested that I should post an alternative tag as an answer, here is a suggestion: introduce the tag disability-inclusion for (suggested tag wiki excerpt) Questions about the inclusion of people with disabilities in higher education. These questions can cover both social practices and technological challenges, and can apply to ...


It seems like coursework would be used by students, but courses could be plausibly used by both instructors and students, like here and here maybe. "Coursework" is also a bit more specific (that first question, "Why do TA teach sections?") isn't really about coursework. I support the synonymization, but just some points to think about.


For "copyright" and "plagiarism," could we please have a message like: Questions which are primarily about copyright law may be more suited to Questions about academic integrity customs and plagiarism ethics in academic settings are appropriate for this site.

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