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It looks like there is a writing tag already, with the description: Academic writing is intended for a critical and informed audience, based on closely investigated knowledge, and posits ideas or arguments. Would "academic-writing" be a better name or synonym for this tag? Given the nature of the site, I'm inclined to think that the "academic" qualifier ...


I think this might be a situation where a new tag is appropriate. Deferral of offers is not just specific to admissions, but can also apply to postdoc and faculty job offers.


In addition to cag51's answer, there is also a writing-style tag. I think that the two tags cover the range of questions we get here about academic writing. We can maybe create the tag synonyms "academic-writing" and "academic-writing-style" (for symmetry). However, the writing tag has already the synonym scientific-writing. I'm not particularly keen on ...


Around the internet there are several social media and online reference managers that are more of less of interest to academics: Google Scholar,, ResearchGate, Mendeley, LinkedIn, Facebook etc. At the moment, among them, only Google Scholar and Facebook have specific tags; the others have been divided between the more general tags social-media ...


There is no agreed consensus on this. SE has no concept of "sub-tags", for now. If you are below the 5-tag limit, I suggest using all three, which is the most helpful choice. If you must choose, I would go with the most specific one, because it looks like the most helpful one to a potential searcher. (In addition, doing this is future-proof: it does the ...


Also on writing.SE, we handle writing questions, including academic ones, technical writing ones, and other non-fiction, so migrating to that site may be a useful option? (Not like Writing has any mods left, of course.)


tags refers to questions about the tag itself, whereas the one question (other than this one) labelled tagging talks about proper tagging itself. While the tagging tag is definitely uncommon, I don't think they're redundant to each other.


Selective Tagging As a Stack Overflow user, one of the ways we keep the questions organized, is to establish that tags should be related integrally to the question, such as a person who is familiar with the topic in question would be helpful or find the question interesting. This disqualifies the computer-science and mathematics tag pretty quickly. While the ...

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