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Looking at the twelve questions tagged courses, I don't see the usage of this tag as necessary (the key points are already covered by other tags, and the tag courses seems redundant in those questions). I think we can safely remove tag courses from those few questions, without the need of creating an (imperfect) synonym, and then let the system clean up the ...


In most of my teaching the term coursework refers to what would be called "homework" at grade school. It is a specific assignment created by the teacher that when completed contributes to the assignment of grades based on the judged quality and content. The grade is usually the result of the course. There may be several items of coursework within a ...


It seems like coursework would be used by students, but courses could be plausibly used by both instructors and students, like here and here maybe. "Coursework" is also a bit more specific (that first question, "Why do TA teach sections?") isn't really about coursework. I support the synonymization, but just some points to think about.

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