I think it is hard to provide a canonical answer to "should I quit". I am worried that it is such a personal question that the answer(s) will not help the majority of people and only lead to discussion in the comments.


Per site, we have limited freedom in what we can modify in the close dialog. Specifically, we can only modify the community-specific reasons, and we cannot add further options (see note below about the details). I suggest you to use the option "Needs details or clarity", as imperfect as it is, because the poster needs anyway to clarify what is the ...


No. Looks like no action has been taken on this in 9 years, so I'll formalize it with an answer. We already have tags for graduation, defense, and workshop, so it's hard to see what value a catch-all tag like this would add.


Personally, I don't really think we need a separate tag for each citation-style. (Let the votes on this answer indicate what everyone else thinks...)


Moderators do have the ability to send messages to users. It's usually done only in exceptional situations. For typical situations, commenting is the correct way to contact a user. Alternatively, there is chat. There is also some less explicit feedback. For example, if you often raise flags, you should go back and look how many were marked "helpful" and ...


We did try setting something like this up on Physics. It's a question on meta, where people who want to be pingable, each give a single answer, in which they state the specialities on which they want to be pinged. And then, in theory, if anyone wants to ping you about a question, they can just leave a comment on that meta answer, with a link pointing to the ...


I think notifications are really beneficial. I think private messages are not generally useful and go against what I like about the SE network. There might be a few cases where a private conversation would be useful, but I think that they are few and far between. Chat provides a means of alerting a user while keeping everything out in the open. I personally ...

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