This is SE-network-wide behavior. It has been brought up on MSE and is by design. The answer to why is "performance reasons" (specifically, to deal with a denial of service attack): Requests from anonymous users to some of these routes were causing an unacceptably large performance hit a few days ago, potentially hurting the experience for many other ...


That question would have gotten closed on Stack Overflow. It is a bad question - OP is asking people to do his work for him and would have gotten shot down rather quickly. That is orthogonal to your question though - there are up to 5 slots for migration on every Stack Exchange site - sites still in beta only have a migration path to their child-meta (for ...


An alternate solution is to leave the proposed migration site as a comment, and allow the mods to do the migration (we can always do this, regardless of status).


This is by-design. From the SE meta: The review indicator in the top-bar is not calculated on a per-user basis, but on a per-site basis. The counts in the review queue itself are calculated on a per-user basis. So, when there are reviews that you've already acted on but still need action from more users, they'll still show in the indicator bar.

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