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Please restore "ethnicity" tag in this question

I removed the ethnicity tag because, as I noted in the edit summary, the question is not about "interacting with people of different ethnicities" which is what the tag excerpt says the tag is for. ...
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Created [supplementary-information] tag then discovered [supporting-information] (it didn't show up in the autocomplete). What next? Synonymization?

Changing the tag on your question would destroy the newly created tag (in the daily clean-up) and thus solve any issues you created. However, I concur that this is a standard case for a synonym. As I ...
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Rename [tag:sexual misconduct] -> [tag:sexual conduct]

I disagree with the tag renaming. Sexual misconduct is often more about power or the abuse of power than it is about sex. Rape was once seen as a subset of 'sex' but is now appropriately being seen ...
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Please restore "ethnicity" tag in this question

In this case, meta is better than a flag since disagreements about edits are best resolved by the community and not by moderators acting unilaterally. While it was a moderator who removed the tag, it ...
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Should we have a Deferral tag?

I think this might be a situation where a new tag is appropriate. Deferral of offers is not just specific to admissions, but can also apply to postdoc and faculty job offers.
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Rename [tag:sexual misconduct] -> [tag:sexual conduct]

The term for this concept in English is "sexual misconduct"; this is a term of art, whose meaning cannot necessarily be broken down to its constituent parts. Those who have chosen to tag questions ...
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