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I have a concern with the use of "defamatory" in "The allegations are defamatory, i.e., the reported behaviour is misconduct, criminal, or highly unethical or highly unprofessional." Going by Meriam-Webster or typical use in US law, a defamatory statement is a false statement of fact (i.e. opinion does not count). It'd be nice if we could ...


As Anonymous Physicist pointed out, it is not clear whether the proposed policy applies to self-allegations. Let’s decide this: Suggested amendment This policy shall also apply to questions making self-allegations, i.e., where the target and the asker are identical. All the other criteria must still apply, in particular the self-allegations must be severe ...


I suggest explicitly excluding from deletion questions where the asker makes allegations about their own conduct. "Did I do something wrong, and what should I do about it?" is a helpful thing to ask, if sometimes embarrassing. I admit that this might be problematic if the asker is impersonating someone else; presumably impersonation is already ...


I suggest removing "Unprofessional" from the criteria as it is very broad and subjective.

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