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There is a requirement that a site must fulfil for Generalist badges to be awarded, namely that the top-40 tags have 201 questions or more (source). Academia passed this threshold yesterday¹, and hence everyone eligible for this badge² received it at the same time. ¹ with this question (there are two tags with 201 questions, and this is the most recent one ...


You posted that answer as a self-answer to a (now-deleted) "question" that you posted yourself "on behalf of" this OP. (The answer was later merged in to the original question by a moderator.) So it is a self-answer.


If look closely at the logo for the site associated with the badge, you will notice that it is grey, and thus does not refer to Academia, but to Academia Meta: This is also reflected on your meta profile. So apparently, your account on Meta was only “woke up” yesterday, but since its reputation and creation date is taken from your main account, you became ...

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