The accepted answer should appear on top (this is the status quo).


The top-voted answer should appear on top, even if a different answer has been accepted (this is the new behavior on Stack Overflow).


This post does not express a view either way, but provides some data (using queries from this Politics.SE post, which I reran for Academia with various modifications). Findings: We have 10.0K posts with 2+ answers and an accepted answer Of these, there are 1,080 posts (10.8%) where the accepted answer has 3+ fewer votes than the top answer (on most ...


Accepted answer should come first, because it is the one that answered the question. The person asking the question knows what kind of answer they need better than anyone else, so they should make that judgment call. Here's an example of a question I asked on the Politics.SE where the top-voted answer turned out to answer something that I didn't mean to ask. ...

Only top voted, non community-wiki answers of a minimum length are eligible