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Where is the line between "a question about doing research" and "a question about the content of research"?

My question (How can physicists help in theoretical biology, besides math and fresh perspectives?) is decided to be off topic because of this reason: However, please do not ask questions about: The ...
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No closing reason for "nothing to do with academia"?

I wanted to vote to close Creating an central multi-purpose dictionary / database, but under "off-topic" I only find the following pre-canned motivations: cannot be generalized to apply to others in ...
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20 votes
3 answers

What to do with questions that are likely to be made-up click bait?

For example: Student doesn't want to take credit for his own extraordinary paper – 269 views and +9/−0 votes in 11 hours. My paper was too revolutionary - reviewers at a top journal rejected it &...
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Should we discourage simultaneously answering a question and voting to close?

I've been thinking of writing this for a while. It doesn't happen frequently but, yes, it happens: a user answers a question and also votes to close it. Though not forbidden by the system, I think ...
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Question just like this one was marked duplicate, but I disagree; what action to take?

Suppose we have the following three questions: Question 1: Can I include the completion of Udacity and Coursera classes I have attended in an academic CV? Question 2: Is an X-Series Certificate from ...
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Slow down "too broad" and "unclear" closing

Looking at our closure stats with the new moderator tool, I notice the following: Over the past 30 days, we've closed more than 40% of the questions asked. That's a worryingly large amount. Of the ...
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Work-around for migrating outside of Academia SE?

This question asks how to treat certain ambiguous answers in a research survey, and I regard it as off-topic on Academia, and should be migrated to Cross Validated. When I tried to put in a close-vote ...
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