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For which tags (if any) do we want tag warnings?

Introduction In another discussion, a Stack Exchange employee indicated that we might get so-called tag warnings, if we want them. These warnings are meant to provide users with just-in-time ...
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Font used academia

Can someone tell me what is the font used by academia.SE? It is very elegant.. Why it is not used throughout the stack exchange network? Edit: This is a screenshot of what my browser renders.
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Not enough distinction between visited links and unvisited in the questions list

On the homepage / questions list, the distinction between visited questions and unvisited is incredibly subtle. At the moment, I can only just see the difference between them, because they are grey ...
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Can visibility and responsiveness of tag warnings be improved?

As per this feature request we now have a warning for the graduate-admissions tag. I'm happy for the warning, and I thank all those who have contributed, but I'm concerned by its low visibility. Most ...
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