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24 votes
0 answers

Text shade is too light

I don't know if I share this experience with other members of the Academia.SE community, but for me text shade is way too light. For me, it makes it harder to read (and focus on content) plus, after ...
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14 votes
0 answers

Highly-voted comments have less contrast than low vote ones

The current CSS rules for the main site have highly-voted comments appearing in grey, while low-vote comments are displaying in bright red: Not sure what the standard is, but I'm pretty sure that'...
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9 votes
0 answers

Not enough distinction between visited links and unvisited in the questions list

On the homepage / questions list, the distinction between visited questions and unvisited is incredibly subtle. At the moment, I can only just see the difference between them, because they are grey ...
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3 votes
0 answers

Low upvote contrast under the "Linked" and "Related" headings

This is my first meta post, so if I have done anything wrong, please alert me. While browsing a question, I noticed that the upvote counts for the links under the "Related" and "Linked" heading have ...
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Can visibility and responsiveness of tag warnings be improved?

As per this feature request we now have a warning for the graduate-admissions tag. I'm happy for the warning, and I thank all those who have contributed, but I'm concerned by its low visibility. Most ...
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