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Yet another list question: Collection of links to LaTeX templates repositories acceptable on Academia SE?

My recent question LaTeX template collection for scientific conferences has been put on hold for being too broad. Apparently, there has been a discussion about whether "big-list questions" (1, 2) are ...
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Is a general question discussing differences in research methodology in different fields too broad?

This question pertains to the issue raised from this post. I basically asked a question about the differences in generating ideas, writing and publishing an academic journal in different fields. I ...
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Why is that question too broad?

I don't understand what the following question got closed as too broad. It simply asks for some studies on a specific question. Since no close voter left a comment regarding the "too broad" ...
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Slow down "too broad" and "unclear" closing

Looking at our closure stats with the new moderator tool, I notice the following: Over the past 30 days, we've closed more than 40% of the questions asked. That's a worryingly large amount. Of the ...
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Narrowing down a closed question would invalidate existing answers – how to proceed?

This question is inspired by the events on this question, but I think it is applicable more generally: Suppose, somebody asks a question that is too broad and gets closed as such. However the closure ...
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