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How can a question about TA workloads be asked?

In a recent question, an OP asked Do I have to take courses before I can start doing research despite having a master and highly relevant skills for the topic in question? I commented Generally ...
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How is the order of tags defined for "Top Tags" in the "Profile"

My "Top Tags" are not the ones with the highest score, but somehow the number of posts plays a rôle as well. Can someone clarify the rules to me? (by the way: Are they the same on all SE sites?) ...
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Why cannot I post this question?

I don't understand why I cannot post this question: "How can a student protect his or her intellectual work when sending a research proposal to an unknown professor?". The website informs that it ...
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What are specific considerations when reviewing posts on Academia.SE?

As the users gain higher reputations, they have access to some moderation tools which allows them to review the posts of the website. When reviewing some posts from on Academia.SE; Basically, what ...
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Adding a tag synonym

In a comment to this question the OP asked for a "reviewing" tag. Charles correctly pointed out that we already have a "peer-review" tag. It seems like "reviewing", however, could be a tag synonym for ...
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Need a couple of examples of questions that are too hypothetical to keep open

I've read several questions here about whether a certain question is too hypothetical. A nice rule of thumb I read at one of these was that in a not-too-hypothetical question (i.e. an acceptable ...
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Asked question with wrong account, deleted, and now can't repost

I posted a question with the wrong account by mistake (because of an SE bug, actually, but that's another matter) and immediately deleted it. Now I want to post it as a guest but I can't, since it ...
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I would like to reward bounty but question is closed, what should I do?

After editing of this question by Jakebeal, to clarify content, question still remains closed. I cannot reward any bouty. What is a process for opening again question?
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Duplicate (synonym) tag shown in tag list

If I search "revi" in , I get [reviewing] listed although clicking it brings to [peer-review].
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Is this section also about how to formulate good explanations?

Can you look at this question? I tried to show every point which was not clear. Most of time I read a university book they ...
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"delete account" documentation is out of date But the top bar is now different.
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