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Bug report - '.. every 40 minutes'

Just a bug? report. I just now joined Academia (I am a long-time user of many SE sites); I posted a question and .. No issue to me, just lettin' y'all know, cheers. resolved below
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Daily vote limit reached before Vox Populi badge earned

I just received a notification while attempting to upvote a post on the main site that I've reached my daily vote limit. I've not been voting "today" (which I realize is delimited in UTC) ...
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Highest voted questions not shown while not logged in

I was trying to show Academia.SE to a friend yesterday, and let him browse a bit. As we were using his computer, not mine, I obviously wasn't logged into my account. I was surprised that even after ...
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Bug in number of review tasks displayed

Since graduation, I've observed that quite often, the number of tasks in the review list is not consistent. For instance, in the attached screenshot, the top-menu bar displays 3 tasks to review, while ...
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(bug) Closing a question that should be on another .SE site

I voted to close this question on programming, and wanted to vote to send it to StackOverflow, but noticed that I couldn't choose to do that: Notice that I cannot click "Vote to Close" on the second ...
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