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Questions tagged [spam]

Use for questions about a spam event or about the handling of spam. Don't post spam with this tag.

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34 votes
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Please flag spam as spam; it doesn't matter if it is AI-generated as well

A long-running spam trend is to embed a malicious or merely promotional link inside some block of text, either written by low-wage workers in a spam farm or by stringing semi-random text along ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Is a question requesting an endorsement (or other similar benefit to the OP) spam?

I recently encountered a question that was just a request to be endorsed in arxiv. I flagged as spam on the basis that it's not a real question, just "pure" self-promotion. Was that the ...
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2 answers

Why were people upvoting spam

Earlier today there was a massive spam attack. One very disturbing thing that I noticed was people upvoting spam. This isn't actually only happening here, I've seen it a bit on other sites too. So, ...
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11 votes
2 answers

Only flag spam, that's it

I've been seeing way to many people editing spam, upvoting spam, downvoting spam, closing spam, and using the wrong flags for spam. So, this is a reminder. If you are not on strike, flag spam, that's ...
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27 votes
3 answers

Spam attack on Academia Stack Exchange?

I've noticed that in the past week or so, numerous questions pop up that are spam. I flagged around 30 of them so far (or more) but they keep popping up in the Questions section, shadowing proper ...
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