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Questions tagged [site-promotion]

Questions about how users can promote or advertise Academia Stack Exchange over the internet or in real life.

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23 votes
1 answer

Map of 32 Tags of Academia.SE

I made a map of Academia.SE, basing on tag co-occurrences. Some more description e.g. on a respective post on meta.math.SE. The project is on GitHub:
18 votes
7 answers

How do we attract people from all research areas?

I have noticed a lot of computer scientists, physics, and a few more subjects but I think there is a lack of people from a lot of other major fields, for example Biology. How do we attract people to ...
2 votes
1 answer

What is the best way to promote Academia website in my University

Does the community have standardised material or methods for promoting the site? I would be interested in promoting it but have no idea about how to go about it.
9 votes
4 answers

Health of the site

I was looking over our stats on area 51, and we're doing poorly on two counts: #questions/day and number of visits. I'm more concerned about the latter than the former for now (because fixing the ...
8 votes
4 answers

Community promotion ad to run on other SE’s

Stack Exchange sites that have graduated run so-called “Community Promotion Ads”: these run in the right sidebar of each page, and are designated according to votes on the Meta of each site. For ...
2 votes
1 answer

Publicity letter template

In reference to the discussion here, I'm posting a letter I sent to the Chronicle of Higher Education. Please post suggestions as to how it should be improved below. Each post should address a single ...
4 votes
0 answers

Publicity Poster

I was browsing through the Meta questions and among other things, a publicity poster seemed to be appearing a lot. This question seemed to have a lot of poster suggestions. Eynakal had a sample ...
4 votes
0 answers

New Semester publicity contest

With the semester starting around now for most universities, this site is now relevant to a whole bunch of new first-year grad students. We should try to capitalize on that by some targeted marketing, ...
5 votes
0 answers

Community ads for 2013

Last year, we managed to get a nice campaign of community ads to run on other sites of the Stack Exchange network (Physics, Mathematics, English L&U, TeX and Mathematica). But every year, the ...
5 votes
2 answers

No more "needs work" categories

Along the lines of "Third excellent...", we now have no more "needs work" categories, having just bumped over the 5 questions/day mark. This is more of an announcement than a question, so it can be ...
14 votes
0 answers

Third "excellent" on Area 51 - congratulations to all - nearly ready for graduation

Over on Area 51, this site has just achieved its third "Excellent" category, having just passed 150 users with a score of at least 200. We just need to get questions per day up above 5 (currently 3.8,...
7 votes
3 answers

What are existing online forums where academics congregate that would welcome being informed about this site?

In order to promote the site, it would be good to post a notification on some of the existing online forums where academics congregate. What online forums exist? As side points What community does ...