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I asked for a software solution, question was closed as "shopping" - legit?

I asked this: How can I generate an elegant (academic) static CV web page? which got a couple of answers, including a very relevant one. The question was closed as a "shopping question", but ...
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Is there a canonical answer about selecting a journal for publication? (If not, should we have one?)

Every so often we get a shopping question (e.g. this one) about finding a suitable journal to publish some specific paper in. It's a good thing to close these as off-topic. However, can we also point ...
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10 votes
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What are the limits of "shopping" questions when it comes to software?

I posted the gist of this as an answer to the meta thread on faculty support during the corona virus, but it was suggested that it might make sense as its own question. What questions should be ...
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What to do with questions asking to evaluate commercial online services?

We have at least one old unclosed question asking to evaluate some commercial online services: Is useful? This was cited in favour of questions going into the same direction: Is ...
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Is this a shopping question?

The original version of this question How will the academic boycot of Israel (BDS) infulence my career if I get a PhD in Israel received two close votes (among the other votes) for the following ...
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Defining Shopping again

Recently, my question was closed for shopping. However, how shopping is described on meta does not seem to match my question. The meta question I link to outlines three possible characteristics of a ...
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Why was my question put on hold for shopping?

My question was put on hold for the following reason: This question is what we call a shopping question. It is currently not accepting answers. What does this mean? Why are shopping questions not ...
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