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Questions tagged [on-topic-ness]

This tag is used for posts about whether a question is on-topic for the main Academia site or not.

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Is Coaching Class(Tutoring) on-topic?

I am asking if the "coaching class" part of the question is on-topic on our site? In case you have no idea what this coaching (tutoring) class is about, ...
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Deciphering status in manuscript handling systems

We keep getting questions in which we are asked to decipher the status messages in some online submission management system (latest one). I find it slightly annoying that we have to do the job of ...
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5 votes
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Are questions on research methodology on topic?

This question about whether (in this case statistical) research always needs a hypothesis made we wonder: Are questions about research methodology on topic? In general, questions on specific research ...
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Question about BSc in preparation for research career closed as "undergrad" question?

This question asks about qualities to consider in an undergrad degree, in order to get into AI research in the future: What factors are important in an online BSc for eventual goal of AI research? ...
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can we ask questions about books in academia?

As informed during tour of Academia site of stack exchange, we can ask questions about actual problems faced in Life as a graduate student, postdoctoral researcher, university professor. But some ...
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Need a couple of examples of questions that are too hypothetical to keep open

I've read several questions here about whether a certain question is too hypothetical. A nice rule of thumb I read at one of these was that in a not-too-hypothetical question (i.e. an acceptable ...
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