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3 answers

For which tags (if any) do we want tag warnings?

Introduction In another discussion, a Stack Exchange employee indicated that we might get so-called tag warnings, if we want them. These warnings are meant to provide users with just-in-time ...
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12 votes
1 answer

Revamping the on-topic section of the help centre

What happened I reworked the on-topic section of the help centre to make it more helpful for its intended audience (new users), more specifically: I referred to FAQs or other relevant Meta ...
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11 votes
5 answers

Customize the information window for the first-time askers

It happens quite often that new posters are confused about the scope of this site, for instance mistaking it for a "you can ask about every possible study topic here" site, or a "here's ...
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1 vote
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Narrowing down a closed question would invalidate existing answers – how to proceed?

This question is inspired by the events on this question, but I think it is applicable more generally: Suppose, somebody asks a question that is too broad and gets closed as such. However the closure ...
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2 answers

Can we add something to the how-to-tag help box that warns askers not to misuse certain tags?

When you try to edit the tags when asking a question (or edit the tags of a question when having less than 2 k), a box how to tag appears on the right, showing some general help on tagging. The ...
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2 answers

Why were people upvoting spam

Earlier today there was a massive spam attack. One very disturbing thing that I noticed was people upvoting spam. This isn't actually only happening here, I've seen it a bit on other sites too. So, ...
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