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For questions about the removal of comments--could refer to when or why a comment is to be removed.

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Is deleting comments a form of censorship?

Fellow Users of Academia.SE, Recently on academia.SE and meta.academia.SE, I wrote that I was unwilling to have longterm participation in a site for which content -- specifically comments, although ...
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Removing useful but not immediately on-topic comments

I recently deleted a few comments (mods, you can see them here) which had been flagged as off-topic. Briefly, the OP had asked a question, a community member answered, and then a separate discussion ...
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Which kinds of answers in comments (if any) do we want to keep?

As I already said here, if we want to better define our stance on answers in comments, this has to be a community effort. We have to clarify how we react to users posting comments as answers, how, if, ...
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Comments deletion in Academia SE

I know that extended comment discussions are discouraged and by SE rules they should be continued in chat. A prime example of this situation was the recent I was caught cheating on an exam, how can I ...
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Should moderators delete comments that are about moderation, once they become obsolete with respect to the question they're posted on?

Questions on Academia.SE are often closed, and then reopened after they have been edited and improved (either by the original poster or by other users). Usually this involves an extended discussion in ...
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What happened to my comment?

I left a highly upvoted comment on Henning's answer to this question agreeing with the second part of the answer and emphasizing that there's essentially no practical downside to using the initial ...
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Under what conditions should "thank you" comments be deleted?

Users of this site sometimes flag comments that say Thank you or +1, good answer for moderator deletion as 'too chatty.' There are varying opinions on MSE as to when such comments should ...
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Should my comment have been deleted?

In this this question, Federico Poloni's wrote an answer: You can write an e-mail to the authors and ask for a copy of their published paper. Almost everyone will be happy to send you one. [...] ...
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