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Why was “Physics research journal for undergraduates” not closed?

A few days ago, this question was asked. While the author is somewhat unclear about what he is actually looking for, he is certainly looking for an individual journal or a list of journals as an ...
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Is it appropriate to suggest edits to duplicate questions?

This question Can I reference the abstract? is a duplicate but I found it by searching and the title confused me. It's actually about "Can I reference other things in my abstract?". I wanted to ...
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Why is this question not being reopened?

This question on differences between two types of German doctoral programs was originally rightfully put on hold as being unclear. The original poster then added information, and the question edited ...
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On-topic-ness of questions on legal issues related to academia?

We seem to have a very inconsistent policy with respect to questions on legal issues related to academia. I am not referring to questions asking for legal advice for a particular situation (these ...
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Is "What background do I need to do research in specific field X?" on-topic at Academia.SE?

I recently posted this question, which was closed as off-topic for being too specific to my situation. I admit I'm a little bit confused, since it didn't seem particularly more situation-specific than ...
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Editing "weak" questions that are closed for being off-topic without resolving the reason for the closure

Should questions that are closed for being off-topic be edited for formatting, grammar, retagging, or other issues that don't resolve the reason the question was closed? Is this a valid reason for ...
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What is the policy on keeping bad questions with useful answers?

Say, a question that is not a perfect fit for the site was posted - mostly some consider it to have some merit, some do not. What if said question generates some very useful answers (not just upvoted,...
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What should happen to closed questions?

What is this community’s take on deleting closed questions? What are the criteria for deletion? In the past few days, I have voted on deleting some of the closed questions that seemed to have ...
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