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Should we reopen the "cold temperature on exam performance" question?

A question titled Effect of cold temperatures on exam performance was recently closed. The question is decoupled from the "inciting incident" and simply asks if there is any scholarship on ...
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Why was the "monetary benefit for winning grants" question closed?

This question seems very straightforward to me: do professors get any financial "rewards" for winning grants? It seems like OP was wondering whether this explained why professors (who ...
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What makes this question about time spent on writing reviews primarily opinion-based?

This question was closed as being primarily opinion-based. The question originally asked "how much time do you spend on reviewing a paper?". Put this way, the question was a bad fit for the Q&A, ...
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Need a couple of examples of questions that are too hypothetical to keep open

I've read several questions here about whether a certain question is too hypothetical. A nice rule of thumb I read at one of these was that in a not-too-hypothetical question (i.e. an acceptable ...
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