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About the chat room of the site and its features.

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How do I find out which user I had this conversation with?

In this chatroom I'd expect there to be a short exchange between me and another user about the issue of comments being deleted because they express opinions that offend someone. However, those ...
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Why do the moderators move comments to chat and how should I behave afterwards?

On highly visited posts, one often finds a comment: Comments are not for extended discussion; this conversation has been moved to chat. or a post notice: Controversial Post — You may use ...
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Edit/Delete timeout on chat

I was in an awkward position a few weeks ago when I tried to introduce a colleague of mine to Academia Stack Exchange. This colleague has a neuro/muscular disorder that makes typing quite difficult. ...
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New feeds in chat from relevant tags on other SE sites

Following the suggestion in this meta post, some new feeds have been added to the Academia chat room. The feed will post in the room each time a new question is posted on one of these tags: career-...
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Should we open a few more dedicated chat rooms?

I'm Max (Hiii Max), and I've not used the chat for a long time. Well, maybe it's just me, but I have to admit that I find the SE chat pretty annoying from the point of view of the user experience (if ...
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Event Proposal: Decide on Unanswered Questions

Last day, TeX.SX had an event called answer the unanswered to create an opportunity for the questions which did not receive enough attention to be reviewed. The outcome was so interesting indeed. In ...
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Why Academia.SE does not have events on chat rooms?

Looking at the chatroom's events section, we can see that there are many events available for other stack exchange websites; none of which are for Academia. Is there any reason (or possibly kind of ...
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Fixed chat appointments

I have just seen an ad for the writer's chat room, with writing exercise each Tuesday (actually I tried to snoop in but it looked quite unorganized). Do you think it's feasible to organize something ...
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Better use of the chat room: Discussion groups proposal?

I noticed that there are quite a few users with questions that are little open-ended, which is not a good fit for the Q/A format that we have on SE sites. I suppose a lot of us, grad students, would ...
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