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2 answers

Write a new question or start a bounty?

I was drafting a question entitled, "How to make a group or department women-friendly?" when I noticed that the wonderful "Questions that may already have your answer" feature was pointing me ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Pedagogy question challenge

A comment thread on a recent question went as follows (saving for posterity): Excellent question. IMHO, we don't have enough questions about pedagogy on this site. This is a great "how can I ensure ...
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Confused about bounty points

Related to Should an advisor care if their student becomes overweight? How do I figure out whether it was the OP who awarded the bounty, the software, or someone/something else? What happened to the ...
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Moderator said I can vote to close, but I cannot due to bounty

How can we close questions with bounties? The meta discussion says that to close a question with a bounty, you should raise a flag. I did that. The flag was declined. This question is not about ...
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