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What to do when the question is unbelievable?

I'm not sure if other people have noticed, but there have been quite a few questions which pose a scenario that seems borderline unbelievable. Example. They [Springer] accepted the project, I signed ...
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What should we do about questions asking for career advice outside of academia?

I felt like questions involving careers outside of academia have been received inconsistently in recent times. To look more systematically, I went through the industry tag specifically over the past 9 ...
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Move the "Academia varies more than you think" question to the main site?

I recently linked the "Academia differs more than you think" meta question in a comment on a question on the main site. And started to wonder why this question is on meta and not as a ...
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Canonical question on how admissions works in different countries

By far our most useful canonical question is: How does the admissions process work for Ph.D. programs in the US, particularly for weak or borderline students? Recently, Buffy drafted a new canonical ...
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How to deal with a question that contains a false premise? How do I make a frame challenge?

Somebody posted a question that makes an assumption I disagree with or think might be wrong. How do I best inform the asker of this? Do I post a comment or an answer, or should I vote to close the ...
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Should [courses] be a synonym of [coursework]?

I noticed two very similar but distinct tags — coursework and courses. The tag courses is less than a year old, is used on only twelve questions (two of which are also tagged with coursework), has no ...
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Why was my question put on hold for depending on individual factors?

My question was put on hold for the following reason: This question was closed for strongly depending on individual factors. It is currently not accepting answers. The answer to your question ...
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Frame-challenge – guidelines proposal [duplicate]

Update: The FAQ is now live. Please do not make changes or discuss them here anymore. This is a follow up to the idea collection, please see that post as to what this is about. First of all, thanks ...
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Should we have a canonical question about degree revocation?

A first draft of the requested canonical question is now live here. Please help us out by editing the wiki and adding information. Can public political criticism of my alma mater result in my BA being ...
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Welcome to Academia.SE!

Welcome to Academia.SE, the free, community-driven Questions and Answers site for academics of all levels - from aspiring graduate and professional students to senior researchers - as well as anyone ...
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Questions about particular institutions

The guidelines state: As a general rule, if you're asking about a particular's likely your question is too limited in scope Can this rule be made more precise? In particular, ...