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My question disappeared and my rep went 100 points down without any information/notification given to me, even post deletion. Why?

I had recently asked a question about authenticity/information about a scientific research abstracts database called inexsy ( (They call it information exchange system on their site). I ...
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Shopping question vs Resource request

Some questions, like this one get closed as Shopping Questions. But the OP, here, was asking how to get something done, not for a list of things. So, my view is that isn't really a shopping question ...
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On the closure of “Are there any scientific papers that were retracted by the publisher due to the reader comments?”

Yesterday, I asked a question in Academia.SE: Are there any scientific papers that were retracted by the publisher due to the reader comments? Disclaimer: I am not racist, and I am fully aware that ...
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Deciphering time

In August 24, 2022 I asked a question on the main site,, that was summarized as Do you know of other scientific journals (in any field) that "...
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I do not understand why this question was put on hold

Recently my question here was put on hold due to "shopping-question", but I have the following reasons to claim that this is not: In the first paragraph, I mentioned a school and I am having a hard ...
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Can I ask about the research level of a certain university here?

For some reasons I need to know about the level of research conducted in a certain university (not because I want to study there: I got my Ph.D. years ago). Specifically, I'm interested in a certain ...
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About saving one question for others access (google index and ...)

I think I have asked a good question which could be useful for others, and be in google index. But the question has been recognized as a shopping question, as you can see below: Finding a classmate to ...
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Are recommendation for services for Statement of Purpose writing allowed?

I recently saw the question on Quora: and thus it was unclear ...
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